Human Rights, Rule of Law and Access to Justice

Strong citizen participation and engagement in government processes, remains the most effective strategy for ensuring accountability and transparency of the state actions. Our actions is on both demand and supply side of devolution and our focus is on strengthening citizens’ capacity, roles and responsibility in understanding how governance interacts with politics and affects the rule of law and development. We work on strengthening governance including, engagement in policy formulation, capacity building of communities, state officers and elected leadership on supremacy of the law, separation of powers, participation in decision making and adherence to standards where everyone is equalWe work with citizens to sensitize them on devolution, skills development for monitoring and oversight of devolved services and participation in policy development and formulation. On the supply side, we engage with duty bearers on the development of legal frameworks for effective service delivery, capacity building and strengthening monitoring implementation of devolution.

Alternative Justice Systems (AJS)

The constitution recognizes alternative dispute resolutions and the roles of all the stakeholders in dealing with community conflicts. Experiences gained through implementation noted that there were many cases of land disputes that were unnecessarily in court and could have been effectively addressed through ADR, delaying justice for those claiming their rights.

Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

The Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Penal Code, the Sexual Offenses Act 2006, and the Children ‘s Act 2001 provide a secure legal framework to prosecute SGBV cases. Our project will promote a multi-sectoral approach with clear standards to addressing SGBV, strengthen the referral pathway and strengthening coordinated intervention with a comprehensive plan and strategy...

Inclusivity of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)

Our engagement with Persons with Disability is premised on the marginalization and inability to access justice because of their disability and therefore the need to protect their justice and rights Agenda. Our interventions focuses on understanding the challenges of Inclusivity for the hearing impaired, how communication barriers has impacted on addressing basic needs...