Nyanza Strategic Recovery Forum


Nyanza Strategic Recovery Forum (NSRF) is an initiative formed to mobilize stakeholders in Nyanza Province to participate effectively in socio-economic and political recovery of the province and the entire nation from the negative impacts of the 2007 Post Election Crises. The initiative funded by the USAID/DAI under the Kenya Transition Initiative (KTI), is led by a steering committee comprising of representatives from the Luo Council of Elders, religious community, civil society, youth organizations, professionals groupings and private sector.


The NSRF is pursuing the following objectives:

  1. establishing a platform where members from various ethnic groups within Kisumu can work together to prevent violence by being a responsible voice in case of any crisis;
  2. bringing together influential religious and opinion leaders in Kisumu to discusss and influence the course of action in matters of national interests;
  3. influencing the use of churches, mosques and/or temples fora and respective associattions or groups to disseminate messages that promote national unity and facilitate healing wherever tension arises;
  4. lobbying the coalition government partners to embrace consultations on matters of national interest to avert fallout of the coalition government; and
  5. influencing other pressure groups within the country to keep the coalition government focused on the reform agenda.

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