Draft Peace Police Advocacy


Kenya has undergone numerous conflicts with regularity in all its provinces. Some of the conflict has taken on a stereotype face so that livestock banditry is associated with North Eastern part of the country, while Nyanza has witnessed political violence, Central with increased crime, Eastern associated with food insecurity, while Coast is associated with land related conflict. However, It has come to be accepted that every 5 years, there is violence associated with every general election resulted in loss of lives, homes, livelihood denying them the opportunity to enjoy their civic duties. Therefore the actions and activities of politicians and Kenyans leading up to the 2007 General Elections was considered normal and a repeat of what had been taking place previously.

To manage the outcome of the conflict, following the violence, the obvious lack of a Peace Policy to provide a framework and/or guideline for handling the outcome saw an up-hazard management in implementation of activities introduced to manage the conflict, restore lives and promote reconciliation. There was urgency on the need to get a National Peace Policy in Place.

The draft policy developed in 2002 provided the framework for engagement. Between 2007 and 2010, following a number of constitutional changes and creation of institutions that were set up in response to the National Accord and Reconciliation Act, this draft was reviewed and in April 2011 a final draft was developed.

This draft National Peace Building and Conflict Management (PBCM) Policy requires a lot of public support and ownership as well as public review to ensure its relevance in prevention, management and mitigation of conflict. Working in 9 counties in Western Region, the CSO Network will mobilize, sensitize and seek community support for the adoption of the NPBCM policy that would effectively deal with the various/different types of conflicts across the country as well as designing preventive programmes causes.


In partnership with ACT Kenya the Peace Policy Advocacy project is based on the following objectives:

  1. To promote community participation and ownership of various peace building and conflict mitigation interventions.
  2. To advocate for the adoption of a national framework for peace building in Kenya.

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