Getting the Vote Out


Kenya has been in the struggle for a new constitution for over 40 years. Since independence leaders and citizens of the Republic of Kenya have fought for a constitution that speaks for their rights, a constitution that is fair and just. A constitution that not only unites but also carries in appreciation of the great country Kenya. August 4th 2010 marks a day that will change the history of this Kenya forever.

After the flawed presidential elections in 2007 that pushed Kenya to its darkest hours, a majority of Kenyans were discouraged from participating in any voting activity for fear of a repeat of the sadness. In effect to this The Civil Society Organizations Network in partnership with Nyanza Youth Coalition and cooperation with the Independent Interim Electoral Commision have initiated a campaign to educate the citizens of Kenya on the importance of voting and the benefits of expressing this democratic right without influence from political heads.

Getting the vote out is an initiative formed to mobilize stakeholders in Nyanza Province to participate effectively in socio-economic and political recovery of the province and the entire nation from the negative impacts of the 2007 Post Election Crises. The initiative funded by the USAID/DAI under the Kenya Transition Initiative (KTI), is led by a steering committee comprising of representatives from the Luo Council of Elders, religious community, civil society, youth organizations, professionals groupings and private sector.


Getting the vote out is a project based on the following objectives:

  1. educate Kenyans on the importance of their Right to Vote
  2. dissuade political influence on the voters and educate Kenyans on the importance of voting based on their needs for good governance, infrastructure development and create just and fair opportunities for all Kenyans
  3. establishing a platform where members from various ethnic groups in Kenya can participate in peaceful voting exercises irrespective of the turnout.
  4. to encourage Kenyans to get out and vote, forget past negative effects of voting results turn outs.
  5. foster wise voting decisions

The following photos showcase the activities undertaken to get the vote out and the anticipated outcomes:

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