Persons With Disabilities


Our engagement with Persons with Disability is premised on the marginalization and inability to access justice because of their disability and therefore the need to protect their justice and rights Agenda. Our interventions focuses on understanding the challenges of Inclusivity for the hearing impaired, how communication barriers has impacted on addressing basic needs and finally how best to improve and enhance service delivery for the hearing impaired.

Specifically, our intervention also aims to use the experiences of members of the deaf community to lobby for change, identify and strengthen disability rights gaps, especially women and girls’ Reproductive health rights and those affected by gender based violence. Our engagement has led to creation of a platform which is now headed by the Kisumu County Disability Board to address the stereotype narratives present in the health, business and education sector in order to enjoy equal opportunity, progression and dignity and enhance disability visibility challenges.
Under the theme “Listening to My silent Fingers”, CSO Network is working closely with the practitioners, relevant stakeholders and duty bearers to share their experiences, exchange views, share knowledge and examine some of the practices and their impact on person with hearing impairment in pursuit of equal rights, gender equality and public participation in economic, social and development processes. We organize dialogue sessions and strategic meetings with duty bearers to identify sustainable and strategic responses to ensure enjoyment of their rights and access to justice. Build capacity of Human Rights Defenders from the Disability Sector on strategies for engagement and with the police and strengthen skills in Alternative Dispute resolutions for the Deaf. Engage on how to enhance budget allocation to address social and economic rights and review of existing policies to mainstream disability needs, including strengthening disability representation. We are working closely with the different partners in the Disability sector to develop a mapping of resources persons from the deaf community who will be on call in police station and hospital as part of easing communication barriers and ensuring effective service delivery for the deaf community members.