Sexual Gender Based Violence



The Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Penal Code, the Sexual Offenses Act 2006, and the Children ‘s Act 2001 provide a secure legal framework to prosecute SGBV cases. Our project will promote a multi-sectoral approach with clear standards to addressing SGBV, strengthen the referral pathway and strengthening coordinated intervention with a comprehensive plan and strategy developed, that can operate even during emergencies to reduce vulnerabilities by Capacity building of the various actors include the Police, NSAs, members of the community and state structures for effective implementation, response and prevention and Strengthen engagement with duty bearers – police, judiciary, health and independent state institutions for a coordinated holistic response. To address these gaps, the project is promoting accountability through strengthened coordination, access to justice and by strengthening institutional capacity, prevent and respond to SGBV. 

 Most of the structures at community level are not linked to other justice partners and we have invested in a community response by strengthening capacity to carry out prevention and response. CSO Network works on improving structures, process and procedures for handling SGBV in Kisumu County. Our activities include community sensitization and awareness on management of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), strengthen access to justice by strengthening the referral pathways, including designing grassroot referral for easier access in the path to justice. We enhance protection of survivors by increasing opportunities for access in the referral pathways, understand challenges faced while seeking support and assistance and identify best practice for responding, prevention and management of SGBV cases, including working with Pro-Bono lawyers, Human Rights’ Defenders and Social Justice Centres, provide legal advice, legal support and representation. 
 Recognizing how COVID 19 has led to an increase in SGBV, our interventions have included addressing the need for Safe Corridors for easier access to justice actors, both the Police and Health systems, the need for 24 hours operations in all health centres, restoring social networks that have been disrupted and reviving extended community support systems, addressing mental health concerns through provision of psychosocial support, lobbying for an increase in resource allocation to address impact of covid 19 including expanding social security for women and the establishment for safe houses and child protections facilities. 

Our engagement with duty bearers focuses on building stronger partnership with the security and health sector service providers, transformative attitude change training, strengthening the Gender Desks at the Police Stations, the need for Toll Free lines, lobbying for the establishment of a one-stop-shop and decentralizing Gender Based Violence service across the whole County. By Enhancing data collection and analysis for monitoring, we strengthen our advocacy for policy development and accountability and prevent further risk. 

CSO Network is a member of the Court Users Committee of the High Court in Kisumu County and have been able to work closely with the Judiciary to address delays in cases through design of different strategies including dedicated court rooms to handle SGBV Cases only. Working closely with the Gender Sector Working Group under the SGBV Pillar, CSO Network continues to engage with the Judiciary to review some of its policies for swift justice for SGBV cases.