What We Do

We operate at two levels; first is membership level for networking, skill development and advocacy and the second level is at the community grassroot through sensitization, mobilization. Our strategic interventions will be to provide support for civil society organizations by strengthening the capacities of their organization and quality of their programs.
• Governance
• Lobbying and advocacy
• Civic education and Creation of civic awareness
• Peace Building and conflict Management
• Campaign on gender Equity and Equality
• Campaign against Sexual and Gender Based violence
• Campaign on human rights
• Campaign on Access to Justice for human rights violation

Our Accomplished Activities

Below are some of the activities that have been carried out in different thematic areas in recent times.
• ElimuYetu
• Sugar Campaign for Change
• Campaign against the Gender Violence
• Sustainable urban mobility – Supported By Cordaid
• Kimen • Aids Marathon
• NSRF • ZuiaNoma
• Victoria Boda Boda Sacco
• Getting the vote out – Supported By USAID though KTI
• Peace Policy Advocacy – Supported USAID though Pack Kenya
• TJRC – Supported by USAID through Pack Kenya
• Women in Leadership – Supported by UN Women in partnership with Accord International
• Access to Justice – Supported by Amkeni `Wakenya -
• Hate Speech monitoring – Supported By GIZ
• Compaign Against VAWG – Supported by Swidish
• Successful devolution in Kisumu – supported by European Union in partnership with Cordaid
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