Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC)


The Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) is established by an Act of Parliament (Truth Justice and Reconciliation Act of 2008) to investigate the gross human rights violations and other historical injustices in Kenya between 12 December 1963 and 28 February 2008.

The Civil Society Organizations Network with support from ACT Kenya has implemented a TJRC project, which is geared at assisting the TJRC by creating awareness, collecting statements and memoranda. CSO Network has held awareness workshops in various regions to sensitize the communities on the TJRC mandate and process. The Network in collaboration with the TJRC prepares communities to positively engage in the ongoing TJRC process in the given regions

By June 2011, the TJRC received 30,000 statements; the highest number ever received by any truth commision world wide with over 600 memoranda from people in various regions of Kenya. The TJRC has concluded its hearings in Northern Kenya, Upper Eastern Kenya and Mt. Elgon regions.

Mandate of the TJRC

The TJRC is mandated to investigate, analyze and report on the following that occured between 12th December 1963 and 28th February 2008.

  1. Gross violations and abuses of human rights including: abductions, disappearances, detentions, torture, sexual violations, murder, extra-judicial killings, killings, ill-treatment and expropriation of property.
  2. Economic crimes including grand corruption and exploitation of natural or public resources.
  3. Irregular and illegal acquisition of land.
  4. Marginilization of communities.
  5. Ethnic violence and tensions, crimes of a sexual nature to female victims.
  6. Investigate the context in which, causes and circumstances in which the violations and abuses occurred.
  7. Inquire into, investigate and provide redress in respect of.
  8. Educate and engage the public on issues around its work.

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