Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership


ACORD is an international organization that has been working in Kenya for the past 7 years. ACORD has been working in Kenya in response to the chronic droughts faced by pastoralist communities situated along the Kenya and Tanzania border. In Western Kenya ACORD's focus has been on Community Social Peace and Reconciliation Methodology (CSPR) in response to the post-election violence.

In relation to the post-violence ACORD seeks to address the issues of Women Rights and Peace building. In Nyanza and Western Kenya ACORD has partnered with The Civil Society Organizations Network with an aim to advocate for Women and empower them and provide capacity through the strengths in the new constitution.

Women have in the past been marginalized and have been ignored in a lot of aspects that affects their well being and life but with the implementation of a new constitution women have been given the platform to stand up for their rights and take ownership of matter that directly affect them, for instance The New Constitution gives women the right to own land and most importantly it opens avenues for politically engendered process. The new constitution also offers an avenue for promoting the respect of women's rights through various provisions.

In as much as this opportunities are available there is a risk of women missing out on the benefits of these provisions as well as missing out on taking up leadership positions unless they actively participate in the implementation process.

This initiative has been geared towards encouraging women to actively participate in leadership, in specific having women vie for legislative and governance positions through the electoral process. Through mentoring and training women were supported to gain better understanding of the political landscape in which they operate.


ACORD Kenya has partnered with CSONetwork through the Women in Leadership Project to ensure women are actively involved in achieving positive change for Kenya. The following are the objectives of this project:

  1. To assess gender related factors contributing to discrimination and marginalization of women in the Kenyan Society.
  2. To highlight key factors contributing to women's exclusion in the Kenya political agenda at the grass root level, county and even National level.
  3. To empower and provide a platform for women's implementation of The New Constitution.
  4. To support Women in Leadership.

The Women in Nyanza have come in strong and are ready to take up positions in leadership. Women in Leadership Aspirants is now available. Follow the link to take a look.


In the execution of the project, the CSONetwork has had some challenges which have been overcome as is evident in the number of women, we managed to get into leadership positions.

The CSONetwork and its partners ACORD and WIFIP worked to raise self esteem in women and civic education on the benefits of the new constitution particularly the critical benefits to women.


Part of the program key successes, civic education on violence against women aspirants formed a key component of the discussions that were held by ACORD and partners with communities.

The community members were challenged to commit to working and protecting the women who vied for leadership positions.

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