Advancing Gender Equality in Kisumu County

In a significant stride towards fostering gender equality and justice, our team recently paid a courtesy call to Nancy Wasama, the Director of Gender in Kisumu County. The purpose of this visit was to introduce our new project, “Promoting Gender Equality through Access to Justice for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV),” being implemented in 4 Counties (Kisumu, Homabay, Vihiga and Kakamega) funded by the Embassy of Netherlands through UNDP Amkeni Wakenya.

During our meeting, Director Wasama shed light on the existing policies in place, specifically the Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Policy and the Gender Mainstreaming Policy. Moreover, there are ongoing efforts to develop two additional policies, namely the Sexual Harassment Policy and the Women Economic Empowerment Policy.

The SGBV Policy, a cornerstone in addressing gender-based violence, was enacted in 2019 and is now undergoing a thorough review. This collaboration underscores Kisumu County’s commitment to continuously improve its strategies and frameworks for combating gender-based violence. The Gender Mainstreaming Policy, on the other hand, reflects the county’s dedication to integrating gender perspectives into all aspects of policymaking and service delivery.

During our discussion, our team leader underscored the need for a holistic approach. While the development of policies is a crucial first step, their successful implementation will be the true measure of progress. We highlighted the significance of collaborative efforts between civil society organizations, the government, and other stakeholders to champion the cause of gender equality.

Our team, in its commitment to advancing gender equality, emphasized the importance of not only developing these policies but also ensuring their effective implementation. Merely having policies in place is insufficient; their practical execution is imperative for the betterment of services provided to the residents of Kisumu County.

Kisumu County’s dedication to reviewing existing policies and crafting new ones is commendable. Our team is enthusiastic about collaborating with the county to ensure that these policies translate into tangible improvements in the lives of residents. By promoting gender equality through access to justice for survivors of GBV and supporting the implementation of comprehensive policies, we aim to create a more inclusive and equitable society in Kisumu County. Together, we all strive for a future where gender equality is not just a policy on paper but a lived reality for all, with gratitude to the Embassy of Netherlands and UNDP Amkeni Wakenya for their pivotal support in this endeavor.

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