For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enuf

From December 2nd to 4th, 2023, Kisumu hosted a profound and transformative event – the performance of ‘For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf.’ This play was a pivotal part of the broader initiative known as the ‘Silenced No More’ campaign, aimed at addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Kenya. Supported by the European Union and the Embassy of Denmark, the event brought together a diverse array of participants, including university and college students, young women leaders, thespians, artists, community leaders, and representatives from various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Kisumu County. Organized and mobilized by the CSO Network, this event transcended the confines of traditional theater, evolving into a platform for collective action against GBV.

The play itself, ‘For Colored Girls,’ held the audience spellbound with its poignant narrative and emotional resonance. Unveiling the silent struggles faced by women, the play echoed the experiences of those who have endured society’s imposed silence. The hashtag #SilencedNoMore became a unifying call, symbolizing the collective determination to shatter the silence and confront the pervasive issue of GBV.

The robust support from the European Union and the Embassy of Denmark underscored a global commitment to addressing GBV. Their backing not only facilitated the production of the play but also emphasized the pivotal role of art as a catalyst for social change. This collaboration exemplified the unified effort required to combat GBV on an international scale.

The active involvement of university and college students, as well as young women leaders, signified a dedication to empowering the upcoming generation of change-makers. The event provided a platform for these emerging leaders to voice their perspectives, injecting fresh insights into the discourse on GBV and shaping a narrative for a more inclusive future.

The presence of Deputy EU Ambassador to Kenya, Ondrej Simek, added a significant dimension to the event. Ambassador Simek not only attended the play but also participated in a panel discussion, enriching the conversations with international insights and perspectives. His involvement underscored the global importance of addressing GBV and highlighted the collaborative efforts required to bring about lasting change.

The #SilencedNoMore event in Kisumu stands as a compelling call to action for individuals, communities, and organizations alike. The amalgamation of artistic expression, diverse perspectives, and collaborative efforts showcased the genuine potential for tangible change. This event is a testament to the collective determination to confront and eradicate GBV, emphasizing that silence is no longer an option.

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